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Hawaiian BBQ ADIO Edition

Hawaiian BBQ ADIO Edition

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This flavor is the FIRST flavor from us that ever graced the bearded lips of the man, the myth, the snack pack master himself ADIOFREAK!!! This flavor is a sweet and tangy combo (much like him) of pineapple and BBQ married with beef jerky! This flavor will leave you wanting, no, NEEDING more (also like him). Hawaiian BBQ is one of the original unique flavors we at Empire Jerky have developed to show off our skills at combining well known flavors but with beef jerky. There is a deeper story behind this flavor...

The story of how ADIO and Empire Jerky came to be. 

Time: Mid afternoon
Place: PaxEast2019 more specifically at the Facebook booth.

Hungry and on the verge of hangry while missing his snackpile at home ADIOFREAK was spotted by none other than the man himself, Mr. Empire Jerky. This was of course before Mr. Empire Jerky was actually a thing.

Samples of Teriyaki, Buffalo and of course Hawaiian BBQ were provided. ADIO graciously demolished his samples, and with a beard so lush, politely accepted more and more and more. The bag of which the samples came was seemingly bottomless. After more discussion a bond was formed. 

To this day you can find if you look hard enough, a piece of Empire Jerky in that lush beard, just in case a snack is needed.