Affiliate Link


Influencers and content creators of all types and on all platforms are welcome to submit your information in the link below. If selected, Empire Jerky WILL look at you more than an affiliate but rather FAMILY. We are not looking for individuals who want handouts. 

In short we are looking for like-minded individuals that contain the same “stuff” that drives Empire Jerky.

If you submit your info, you will be vetted. Verification of your character, how you carry yourself, and your overall professionalism are some of the key components being checked. We will utilize past interactions/content along with current and future content/interactions for this verification.


Applicants will be selected and verified by Empire Jerky and team, at our discretion.  


 Benefits/Rewards of Affiliates

Commission is based on number of bags purchased. The more that is sold using your unique community code, the more you earn. 


Affiliates Perks:

-3 samples of active products 

-5% discount for your community with your own unique code

-15% off your own personal orders

-Other random prizes and giveaways for your community and yourself (at Empire Jerky and team's discretion)


Affiliates who are consistently leading the charge in sales each month, will earn the opportunity to become partners and will have an enhanced benefit package.


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