Q-Why can't I find my favorite Empire Jerky flavor?

A- While we try our best to manage inventory, sometimes people are nuts and buy us out of a flavor they love it soo much. If it is gone, it's only temporary. 


Q-How long is shipping? 

A-We typically ask you allow 3-5 business days for fulfilment to take place, THEN you would have selected a shipping method USPS or UPS, however long they take is on them. We strive to get orders out faster than 3-5 business days, but sometimes we get backed up with all the love and desire for our Top Shelf Beef Jerky! **Keep in mind Covid-19 is still a thing and the shipping industry is STILL overloaded.** 


Q-What is ShipTection?

A-ShipTection covers lost, stolen, and damaged items, certain criteria need to be me. IF ShipTection is not added into your order, you (the customer) will be subject but not limited to contact the shipping carrier, take on any losses. Short version, get the insurance its less than $1 in most cases.

Q-I put the wrong address in my order, how do I change it?! 

A- Email Support@empirejerky.com ASAP depending on the order and how fast you get this info to us we should be able to get the address updated in time. This is NOT A GUARANTEE. 


Q-Is Empire Jerky 100% Beef? 

A- Yes, for now. Other proteins are being investigated. 


Q- Can you ship to me in (Fill in the blank country/region)

A- Currently we only ship to 3 countries. USA,  Russia (temporary pause) & Philippines. Custom Laws in different regions do not allow "outside beef jerky" and while we can physically ship it to your address, your customs will likely intercept the package and then its a waste of money for you. CANADA used to be a greenlight but CBA has stopped this at the moment. Working on getting them opened back up and shipping. 


Q- I forgot to use a discount code can I still add it?

A- We allow 1 oopsie per customer. Email us at Support@empirejerky.com and we can get this adjusted. 


Q- What cut of beef do you use? 

A- That is one of the answers that goes to the owner's grave.. Sorry.. not really though ;)


Q- I have a flavor recommendation where can I submit it to? 

A- INFO@EMPIREJERKY.COM BUT KNOW we wont be doing an Original, Peppered, Cracked Pepper, Sweet and Spicy (what even is that). We strive to do original flavors (exception is teriyaki... cuz its yummy duh!). 


Q- Any plans to do other meats? 

A- Yes, someday. Right now we have too many beef flavors to do!


Q- What are your Gluten Free Flavors? 

A- Buffalo, Mango Habanero, Carne Asada and Coffee Cayenne!


Q- What happens if I have the wrong address? Can I change it? 

A- Yes and maybe. YES- If it’s not shipped we can get it changed no problem. MAYBE- If we receive info from you to update it in time. The sooner the better. Right now our fulfillment company is moving very fast, packing same day or next day. BUT typically our fulfillment center has a 3-5 business day turnaround time to pack and ship your order. IF- your order is already shipped and on its way we will try to stop it with the carrier, BUT new shipping will be assessed at you (the customer’s expense). Ultimately it’s up to you to make sure the address is correct. 


Any other question please reach out to Support@empirejerky.com