About us

The love of my life bought a dehydrator as a present. Then she demanded beef jerky! Little did she know I had experience I remember back when I was under 4 feet tall (i’m 6’6” now). I would help my grandfather in the kitchen measuring out ingredients, then combine the secret family recipe with the meat. The worst part was the wait. I would anxiously wait and stare (for what seemed like days) at the dehydrator to slowly suck out all the water. In the process smelling the house up like something that would rival the smell of freshly baked cookies, or that turkey dinner on thanksgiving at your mom’s.

So I had done it once or a hundred times before. She didn’t know that however and I wasn’t going to let her in on it just yet. So I went out and bought a smaller cut of top round beef from the local butcher. Using my knife skills that would rival even Chef Gordon Ramsay (at least with consistency in sizes NOT speed). I trimmed all the excess fat. I methodically cut every piece of that top round until there was nothing left. I did this of course after measuring out and combining 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce, 1 cup of Teriyaki sauce... are you thinking I'm going to give you my secret family recipe!? NO SUCH LUCK. So in a gallon sized bag I put everything in. Shook it up and let it sit in the refrigerator.

I was playing Tetris like a world champion fitting each piece of meat perfectly so not to waste space. As soon as I turned it on I knew I would be coming home to a tasty treat later. Tantalizing is an accurate word to describe what the smell of dehydrating Teriyaki beef jerky was doing to everyone in the house. I walked in the door and must have check the dehydrator 15 times that day. I don’t know if I was more like a kid or a dog because I was impatient and giddy or because I was drooling over the smell!

After what seemed like days, it was finally finished. I took the lid off and took that first bite. It was better than expected! My nose did not lie to me. I passed around the jerky to my wife and to my then only daughter. Both loved it!

Not long after I would be bringing this delicious snack into work. Co workers began to ask for some to taste. Then I would be making more and more.

Finally I realized that there was a demand for what I could supply. Thus the business idea of Empire Jerky sprouted... Here we are in 2019. Shipping all across the US direct to consumers. Hopefully soon into some stores and gas stations.