Was Your New Years Resolution to eat better beef jerky? ;)

"BEST BUY" Mystery pack

"BEST BUY" Mystery pack

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Are you willing to take a leap of faith? 

Get 4 bags of jerky for 20$. 

Beef Jerky doesn't "go bad", it doesn't "expire"... as long as it is properly stored in non extreme temperatures and or if the bag remains sealed with no punctures. 

Our jerky is maintained in temp controlled environment and all bags are not pre-opened for your later enjoyment. BASICALLY this jerky is at a discount because it is past its "best buy" date, but it is still good. 


The owner does have jerky that is 5+ years old he has for flavor comparison quality checking reasons and has not been sick from it. Nor has his kids, friends, family etc.  


No additional discounts will be stackable on this.